Wiper Blades, thru Dec 31

Wiper Blades. Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Whatever’s in the sky seems to land right on your windshield. And there’s ALWAYS extra driving to be done through holiday season weather and vacationing bird traffic. One way to stay safe is to improve your auto’s vision by replacing those old or crumbling wiper blades before the first frosty storms. Through November and December, you can buy one NAPA Quality windshield wiper blade and get one FREE. It’s like getting new glasses for your car when you steer your way to your {replace-name}, for two new Quality NAPA wiper blades. Remember - through December, Two for One Makes 20-20. You and your family will see better and drive safer.

Offer valid November 1 – December 31, at {replace-name} {replace-city}. Stop by soon.


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