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You know it's time to fire your web developer when...  Here is a little interactive guide to help remind you of some of those familiar signs, or symptoms of a web strategy thats not working.

You are in the auto repair business, and you make it your job to keep your customers safely on the road.  Your customers depend on you. 

Your web developer's job is to help make you successful on the Internet.  To make it easy for your future customers to find you, and to coax them to fall in love with you - even before they walk through your doors.  Thats not an easy task. It takes lots of effort. 

If you aren't getting that effort.  Call us.  Meanwhile, enjoy the "Top Reasons To Fire Your Web Developer" (but of course, none of this applies to us...)

No web developer is perfect - but some are just smarter than others.  AutoCare Websites is in the business of supporting and magnifying your total internet presence, and generating a positive impact to your bottom line.  We use the best tools, integrate the features with the highest impace, and make it easy for you to update the site, if you want to.

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